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It is a day that any mommy would be proud of - the day when your son stars in a book! ;) This was made possible by Tatiana and Kathleen of Look It's About Me. My heart swelled with pride in seeing my son's name emblazoned on the cover when I opened the package from LBC yesterday.

I was, of course, expecting the book. I did write about  Look It's About Me some days ago (read the post here: Your Kids can Star in a Personalized Book ~ Mom-APPROVEDProduct). Still, that did not stop my heart from racing the moment I unwrapped the book. As any proud mommy would tell you, the heart can hold so much emotion that it could burst with happiness. I do hope that is not literal as I have a heart problem LOL

The little star was asleep when the book arrived - he woke up at 6 PM! When he did, we read the book. I was so excited that I didn't notice we look so "yagit" until I looked at the pics :P So you have to forgive the shabby models. I suggest you fix your eyes on the book's pages ;)

Exploring the book

At 1 year and 2 months, Zedi may not know how to read yet but he shows an inclination for books. I think that's the only thing he's inherited from me! He was all smiles when I handed him the book. His pudgy little fingers grabbed at the pages and within seconds he was done with the book from cover to cover haha

One thing mommies, this is not a board book so take extra precaution when handing the book to your little kids if you want to preserve its quality until he/she already knows how to handle it when older. It is hardbound so you will not worry about the cover. That is the reason why I was confident in giving it to Zedi because I  knew he would just flip it from cover to cover in his excitement. I was right.

When we began reading, he was really very attentive. When he hears me read his name, he would say "Zedi! Zedi!"

As you can notice in the picture, you can actually place a dedication for the book. That is why it makes the perfect gift because your name will forever be placed for the kiddo to read in the future. Ha! You'd be the coolest ninong or ninang ;)

Let your kids have fun looking for their names in the book. This is an excellent way to teach your kids how to spell their name or learn the ABCs as you read along.

Look Mommy! It's Me! ;)
Judging by the way he was pointing at the characters in the book, he likes it. The glossy pages feature colorful cartoons that clearly appeals to little kids. My camera does not do this book justice because we can't use the flash. The glossy pictures reflects the flash. Trust me, though, when I say that the pages are shiny and had sharp colors.

Check out the pages below.

Dedications are possible
By the way, the book is also great for adopted kids. The dedication uses "who arrived at" where you can place the kid's birthday or the day he joined the family.

Let your kids look for the letters that spell out his/her name. That would be fun! The other books also feature bonus activities like "look for spaceships in the pages" or other relevant activities.

Zedi's friends are also featured in the book!
This book is really perfect for Zedi's first birthday because our theme was a jungle safari.

You will notice that the cake has 1 candle only because I chose to celebrate his first birthday. You actually have the option to choose which birthday the kid is going to celebrate in the book. Now would be the time to save up for the book to give to your kid when he celebrates his birthday in the coming months.

Happy Birthday Zeidric!
Towards the end of the book, the guests invited to the birthday party are going to "sign" the card. You can actually choose the names of those who will be included here. If your kiddo has so many friends, you can use this page to include the others not featured in the page with the mailboxes.

You have the freedom to choose who will be included in the book - be it the kid's siblings, his/her friends, pets, whoever :) There's a limit to how many you can put, though, but the order form is self explanatory and easy to fill out. You'd surely have no problem when you place the order.

Interested in a book for your kiddo? Head over to Look It's About Me. Check out the books they are currently offering for you to choose from. There are also other items you can order, including personalized placemat and wall decor.

The books are valued at P1200. The book is worth every penny of that amount. It's going to be a keepsake, a favorite book that your kid can take pride of. This is the perfect book to show to friends. They'd surely wonder how in the world did your kid have a book written just for him! :)

We're also going to give you a chance to win the book very SOON! We are still working on the mechanics of the big event. I'm as excited as you!

UPDATE: The giveaway is on! :)

Use the Rafflecopter below to join:

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How do you intend to teach your son how to read? I'm just curious how parents decide when the best age is for their kids to learn how to read real words and not just the letters of the alphabet. My cousin knows how to read sentences in a children's book at the age of 1, while my other cousin still does not know how to read now at age 3. :O

It's nice that he has inclinations on books already. It would be easier to hand them books when they grow older. My inaanak at seven month is very still in watching Little Einstein.

@Rochkirstin Santos: Wow! Your little cousin is a genius!
I've already started teaching my son ABCs and numbers through song and books :) I actually learned to read very young - at age 3 I could already finish those little nursery fairytale books :) I won't force my son to love books but it seems he does because he can be engrossed in reading his ABCs

@Franc Ramon: Kids these days seem so inclined to love technology but I want my son to put off being techie long enough to learn to love the paper printed books I've loved as a kid. My baby hates Baby Einstein :P he'd scream for me to change it to something else LOL

I envy the fact that little Zeidric, at his age, has already developed a certain connection with books. I hope won't ever get tired of reading books. Kids these days are glued to their screens and barely even notice how valuable a good read is :)BTW, I joined the raffle, hoping to get my boy interested in reading. Thanks for this chance Joy!

@Pao Tolentino: I'm a certified bookworm. I think that's the only trait he's inherited from me :P I agree with you - I hope he'll continue to love books as he grows up :) How old is your son? Zedi shows interest in techie stuff but we're planning on holding off giving him his own stuff for as long as we can :) I just hope no one gifts him a tablet haha

Thanks for joining the giveaway! :)

My niece would love that kind of book! At age 2, she already showed interest in reading. The bright colors of a book easily catch any kid's eyes.

It's really better to teach kids thru books than using gadgets.

Expose your kids to books and let her/him explore its pages and soon He/she will grow up to be a fine child.

wow, at a very young age your kid starts to love books. Continue that and it will make him a bookworm someday.

@♣ lily ♣: I adore kids who love books because I was always a bookworm even as a toddler ;) Why not join our giveaway? You could win that for your niece :)

@papaleng: I agree! My teacher in Grade 6 used to use me as example - reading books increases your vocabulary, etc. :)

@Arjay Reyes: I am hoping so :) I've got some books for older kids but are currently shelved until he's old enough not to tear off the pages :)

oh! I wanted to have a book like this for my little boy so I am joining the contest :) At a young age I am teaching him the value of reading and to appreciate books.

It was funny reading "yagit"... I dunno the english term for it so I also quote that word sometimes on my blogposts.

This book is a great gift idea! I would like to have one when I have kids. I'd probably order when my kids are already 3 or 4, just when they're starting to learn how to read. =)

@Gigi Beleno: Feel free to join! ;) It really is nice to let our kids enjoy books especially now that the technology is so fast paced and comes cheap :)

@khakiness.com: haha "yagit" is "dingy" or "madungis" in tagalog ;) but "yagit" just sounds better hahaha oh yes! the books are really nice :) I'd probably give my son the whole collection when he grows up :)

I'd like to win it for my son. He loves books big time.

This is a very unique gift for children. I just wish I knew of this when my children were much younger so they can have their own keepsakes as well. I am so into documenting my children's milestones.

My cousin does the same thing to her 2-year-old daughter. She reads her a book, the ones that has more graphics and drawings on it than words and points out the details and explain it to her daughter on her own words. And i must say its alot of work but she says its the age where kids copy what they hear from her adults.

@tess: Nice to hear your son loves books, too :) Good luck on winning

@Teresa Martinez: It really feels nice to document a child's milestones :) How old are your kids?

@The Manila Urbanite: Nice to hear that! Yes, it can be a lot of work but you can incorporate that in your playtime so it won't be too burdensome ;)

This is truly amazing! I too, want to have a personalized book for my siblings... :)

@Kim Nieves: Did you join the giveaway? You should if you haven't pa :) Good luck :)

wow! a book that's all about your kid! naku my boys would love to have this kind of book :)

wow a very nice gift idea for my niece and nephew :)

@Mommy Pehpot: It really is nice! :) you can join our giveaway ;)

@Sarah Jean: They are surely going to love these books :) you can also join our giveaway ;)

I love to win the super duper birthday book. I visited their website and I think its cute :)

@jem alvarado: That's great! ;) you can join our giveaway ;)

this is so cute! I should think of giving one to my little girl for her birthday. And yes, since she is adopted, this would be a great keepsake :)

@Maritel Ledesma: yes! I've read your blog posts about adoption and your kids :) I actually love that the book is open for adopted kids as well :) you can order directly at the site or join the giveaway ;)

I love this idea. It's a great way to encourage children to read.

@Badet: I agree :) I love it when kids also love to read :)

I might just get something like this for my nephew. He's also in your son's age range. He'll probably enjoy this too. :)

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